Is There Super Green Tea Diet?

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Super Green Tea Diet to the Rescue

It’s an age when individuals, in the quest to defy aging, or lose weight and overcome illness, try all sorts of dietary trends and techniques all claiming to be the shortcut to better health. Indeed, there’s no dearth of claims for miracle cures and wonder foods.

There are innovations, though, that live up to their claims. Once in a while, we hear about beverages laden with nutrients that deliver tremendous benefits to the body. Many of these create quite a stir, only to die down after a while and fade away.

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There’s one beverage, though, which has been brewing up a storm since ancient times. To this day, health claims continue to be made that when added to one’s diet, green teas can help enhance people’s health. In fact, the most discerning health buffs and even famous celebrities have been raving about what has come to be called the super green tea diet.

A regular diet that includes the intake of the antioxidant catechin-rich tea, can jump-start metabolism and contribute to weight loss. Moreover, polyphenols in tea, study shows, may also revive dying skin cells.

Besides rejuvenating skin, green tea’s anti-cancer properties have lured many people to partake of the healthful beverage more often. Those who do want to take the path to health but are not really avid tea drinkers may opt for tea extracts in capsule form, like Green Tea Purity.

Indeed, there are so many health benefits that may be obtained from regular tea drinking. Whether it’s weight loss/fat burning or general cancer protection you’re after, the super green tea diet may be one of your safest bets to wellness.