Green Tea Diet Tricks

Green Tea Diet Plan For effective Weight Loss

Green tea originates from China and is associated with numerous health benefits.It is derived from the plant Camellia sinensis and is processed by just drying and not fermenting to retain its flavor and benefical aspects and components intact. Green tea has been consumed and enjoyed since time immemorial because of the innumerable and apparent curative and healing properties it attributes. Assessing and identifying the health benefits of green tea has been the focal point of many research studies conducted in the recent years.Evidence propone that green tea extracts which contains polyphenols and caffeine induces and initiates thermogenesis and triggers fat [...]


Green Tea Detox Diet

A diet that is used to cleanse the body, provide energy and promote health is called a Detox Diet. Green tea detox diet helps to remove toxins and free radicals that are built in the body due to environmental facts and bad eating habits. Eating processed, high sugar and fatty foods makes the body to accumulate harmful chemicals. Drinking green tea helps the body get rid of these harmful chemicals. In addition to this the body produces free radicals that damage the proteins in the cells which makes the body vulnerable to cancer. The antioxidants in the green tea deter [...]


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