Green Tea Diet Tricks

A Review of Super Green Tea Diet

The super green tea diet is the latest offering of Nature’s Bounty, the biggest manufacturer of high quality minerals, vitamins, health and beauty aids and food supplements. This company was the first to take advantage of discovery of miraculous effects of green tea, especially in achieving weight loss amongst all those who are overweight. They have named this product as super green tea diet, which is an equally fitting title for an amazing health drink. As per legend, the benefit of green tea were first discovered by Chinese Emperor Shen Nung when he was trying to boil some water and [...]


Green tea can help lose weight and stay healthy

A recent study showed that green tea can prevent arthritis, diseases of the cardiovascular system, cataracts and cancer. This drink helps lose weight. Green tea is the most popular hot drink in China. The Chinese have long been enjoying the amazing properties of green tea, which appeared in Western countries is relatively recent. We are only now beginning to understand how much benefit it can bring a drink for our body. Especially useful to drink it hot in the summer. The Chinese have for centuries used green tea for treating headaches and depression, withdrawal fever, as well as many other ailments. According to recent data, the drink improves the [...]


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