Green Diet

The Green Diet

Green diet - one of the most effective and easiest diet that will help not just to lose weight permanently, but to improve your overall health. This type of diet involves the selection of specific foods, healthy foods. Stick to your diet as you can periodically for short time periods, and a sufficiently long duration period. The basis of a green diet – it’s fruits and green vegetables. Foods containing fiber are beneficial for our body, because it has no fat. In addition, this type of products requires careful chewing, and hence the feeling of fullness you get more quickly. Calories in fiber is small, so the body can easily [...]


Tea Diet

It turns out that green tea is very nourishing drink, because it is rich in protein. Depending on the type of tea it can contain 15-25% protein. In China and Japan tea leaves are used in cooking, in particular its stew with meat, because the content of proteins it is close to lentils or beans. Dietary properties of tea to help successfully deal with the problem of excess weight, so the tea diet for weight loss has become increasingly popular.  It’s simple and effective. Must at least 5 times a day, drink a cup of green tea, its grade should be of high [...]


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