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Johnny Depp loses weight with tea?

The famous actor Johnny Depp is preparing to shoot in the next film by Tim Burton. New joint picture Burton and Depp will be a horror movie tentatively titled “Dark Shadow” in which Johnny plays a major role – vampire Barnabas Collins. Depp to play these characters is not used. This time, however unforeseen difficulties? According to the director, Barnabas must not weigh over 65 kg and the weight of Johnny is a bit more. Filming will begin in April. Time to lose weight for Depp still there is, but he decided not to bother to grueling workouts, and go on a diet. Depp [...]


A diet based on green tea

Green tea - a beverage that is used for centuries in various parts of Asia. From China to the Middle East. And just recently, it won the other continents. Tea has beneficial effect on the human body, perfectly quenches thirst, cleanses the blood, has tonic properties. Also, we have proved that drinking green tea – it is an effective way to lose weight naturally. The only drawback in the green tea diet is that it contains a high concentration of caffeine. But if you make tea in moderation, it can have a stimulating effect on the whole body. For those who suffer from insomnia and has a sense [...]


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