Tea Diet – What is the point?

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Tea Diet refers to the category of mono-diet. From the title it is clear that the basic operating element is the tea, but not all, and the green of high quality. We all know the positive impact of green tea on metabolism.

In China and Japan green tea is widely used in cooking (in salads, soups, as a seasoning for meat), while in Thailand it even brew special recipe and use as a salad. Depending on the type of tea, it can contain from 15 to 25% protein, this indicator can be compared with beans and lentils.

Tea Diet is very simple to use.

The main rule is to drink green tea for at least 5 times a day. From the flour and fat would have to give, and to focus on fruits and vegetables, as well as boiled meat, fish (without salt) with a side dish of rice, buckwheat. You can eat eggs and dairy products, ie proteins should occupy a dominant position. Sweet – can afford a little honey and dried fruits. To vary the diet can brew tea with milk. Maximum time to diet - 2 weeks, not more than 1 time in 6 months.

Compared to other diets, this diet allows you to receive all the necessary materials and minerals. In addition, there is a nice bonus: green tea can improve, “dental” health, as there are no pigments (as in black tea or coffee ) and contains a significant amount of fluoride.

tea diet Tea Diet   What is the point?

But do not sit on a diet, if you have problems with digestion, it can only exacerbate them. Green tea caffeine is not less than in coffee, so it may be irritability and insomnia, as a result – irritability. And most importantly, the essence of the diet in the consumption of large amounts of fluid, and thus can increase the volume of the stomach, and at the end of the diet is a constant feeling of hunger, with which you want to manage. This will lead to extra pounds that come back as quickly as it went.

And another tip. Come to the mirror, look at yourselves, you are so beautiful! Maybe you do not need a diet?