A Review of Super Green Tea Diet

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The super green tea diet is the latest offering of Nature’s Bounty, the biggest manufacturer of high quality minerals, vitamins, health and beauty aids and food supplements. This company was the first to take advantage of discovery of miraculous effects of green tea, especially in achieving weight loss amongst all those who are overweight. They have named this product as super green tea diet, which is an equally fitting title for an amazing health drink.

As per legend, the benefit of green tea were first discovered by Chinese Emperor Shen Nung when he was trying to boil some water and some leaves from nearby plant fee in his cauldron. The result was an amazingly aromatic and tasty herbal drink that later on became famous as green tea. Since last 3900 years, green tea has been a staple diet for Asians. When this beverage finally crossed over to the Western shores, it was discovered that green tea has much more to offer than pure health benefits. After extensive research, the super green tea diet was born.

This amazing green tea diet is a workout and weight loss all in just one capsule!

This diet can help you in burning calories by promoting the fat and sugar metabolism. Many studies have show that catechin polyphenols, which are found in various diet supplements react actively with various antioxidants to promote thermogenesis. This results in increasing the body’s metabolic rate resulting in burning of more body fat.

super green tea diet A Review of Super Green Tea Diet
In a similar way, various antioxidants found the green tea diet inhibit the insulin production, the hormone that stores all your calories in the form of fat. These supplements help in suppressing insulin, as a results fats are readily available in the body, and are burned into pure energy, which is further used by our muscles.

Best of all, the super green tea diet is totally free fro ephedra, which is an harmful substance present in many diet supplements and has many harmful effects on our health. With this diet, you also lose your weight and also keep yourself safe from ephera.

The super green tea diet also has chromium and green tea extracts which boosts the sugar and fat metabolism.

This results in a much faster fat burning resulting in faster weight loss. This diets give you that “extra push” which you need for reaching your weight loss goals. This diet combines the power of all natural ingredients to help you in achieving a body that you always dreamt of since ages. The super green tea diet also has diuretic properties that help you in maintaining the critical fluid balance in body. Ingredients such as ginger, nitamin B-6 and guarana make it a storehouse of energy. It is best for all those who follow workout regime. This diet also has Bladderwack Extract Ficis vesiculosus and Ginger Zingeiber officinale (a root).

So, super green tea diet is a diet pill that work for you and with thousand of positive reviews, you can easily lose up to twelve pounds in a month when you take these pills. Taking just one pill after two meals can give you the desired results.