The Use of Green Tea Diet

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Green Tea Diet The Use of Green Tea DietMany of you have probably noticed that most women in Japan are very slim, and they manage to keep herself there until old age. Their secret is simple enough, throughout life, they drink green tea. Green tea diet is so effective that for those who can not tolerate green tea, have come up with special tablets (made of pressed leaves of green tea). Instead of pills, so you can eat tea leaves left on the bottom of the cup.

Mechanism of green tea diet

The leaves of this wonderful drink contains many biologically active enzymes that are able to partially block the work of amylase (the enzyme responsible for starch degradation in the body, which is excreted from the body does not digest). 

The effect of this diet is very similar to the effect obtained by sitting on a low carb diet. 

To prove the effectiveness of green tea diet, Japanese scientists performed an experiment. 

First, mice were fed intensively, so they quickly gained weight and then one part of a meal mixed into shredded green tea leaves, and the other was not. Animals that ate grated green tea, soon began to weigh 2 times less than those who ate just food without tea leaves. 

During the green tea diet you will have to limit the use of certain products which contain a large amount of carbohydrates. But this does not mean that you have to be hungry during this diet. For example, eating a delicious piece of cake, and then immediately drank a mug of green tea, and all is fine. 

Over the past few years, fans of the series of green tea significantly enriched. 

It is understandable, because green tea can not only help to get rid of extra pounds, but also boosts immunity. Green tea contains many beneficial vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other important elements of the organism.

How to brew green tea for dieting

Improperly sealed or improperly stored green tea loses its beneficial properties, and to lose weight in such a case may not be possible. 

Many of you probably believe that tea is better brewed, it must necessarily fill with boiling water. This is not the case. 

You can not pour green tea with boiled water, let the water cool a little, and only then pour. 

Per 100ml of water, use 1 teaspoon of green tea. 

The first time tea is poured with hot water, give it ot configure themselves for 1-2 minutes, after which the water is drained (this procedure is carried out in Japan a few times). Drain water and pour over tea with hot water and allow it to configure themselves, as much as is specified in the instructions on the package. If the green tea diet is not right for you, pay your attention to cleansing diet

Before following green tea diet, be sure to consult a registered dietitian.