The Green Diet

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Green diet - one of the most effective and easiest diet that will help not just to lose weight permanently, but to improve your overall health. This type of diet involves the selection of specific foods, healthy foods.

Stick to your diet as you can periodically for short time periods, and a sufficiently long duration period.

The basis of a green diet – it’s fruits and green vegetables. Foods containing fiber are beneficial for our body, because it has no fat. In addition, this type of products requires careful chewing, and hence the feeling of fullness you get more quickly. Calories in fiber is small, so the body can easily be released from being overweight. Plus, the digestion products of this type expends a lot of energy, much more than green vegetables and fruits are on their own.

The Green Diet The Green Diet

Subject to the rules of a green diet, your metabolism returns to normal, improves the complexion. Green diet for weight loss includes products such as cabbage, onions, lettuce, asparagus, spinach, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower, greens, etc.

Protein is also needed for the body, it can be received from the following products: milk, meat (lean), chicken, fish and eggs.

Fat is necessary only if from vegetable, olive oil – this is the best option.

Fruit in large quantities it is better not to useThe most useful of these are apples, they are rich in fiber.

Exclude products – edible sugar, potatoes, white bread, pasta, corn and other starchy foods. Animal fat intake should be limited. For green diet it is necessary to drink a lot: at least two liters of fluid per day. 

It may be water or green tea.

There is a need to frequently, every six – two hours. And this is about 5 – 6 times a dayMust additionally take a multivitamin. Predictably, the first time you use green diet you will find yourself very difficult to wean from starchy foods, but remember that there should be no exceptions in the diet.

After about 72-74 hours of the sensation of hunger went away and your condition is normal, if you are accustomed to carbohydrates, we have to get used to the diet gradually, each day reduces the amount of food that contains carbohydrates and replace it with green vegetables and fruits.