Tea Diet

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It turns out that green tea is very nourishing drink, because it is rich in protein. Depending on the type of tea it can contain 15-25% protein. In China and Japan tea leaves are used in cooking, in particular its stew with meat, because the content of proteins it is close to lentils or beans.

Tea Diet Tea Diet

Dietary properties of tea to help successfully deal with the problem of excess weight, so the tea diet for weight loss has become increasingly popular. 

It’s simple and effective.

Must at least 5 times a day, drink a cup of green tea, its grade should be of high quality, do not skimp on your health.

You can also eat vegetables, fruits, protein foods – cooked meat, eggs and dairy products. You can also drink not only one tea, but also non-carbonated mineral water.

Another version of the tea diet – green tea brewed with milk, honey can be added. One liter of the drink contains essential vitamins and nutrients, while its calorific value is only 60-70 kcal per 100 ml.

On this diet, you can sit a maximum of 2 weeks, after which results will not keep you waiting. 

Repeat tea diet no more than once every six months.

However, this diet is not recommended for people with duodenitis, ulcers, colitis and other gastro-intestinal diseases, pregnant women and high blood pressure, as well as those who suffer from insomnia. Before starting a tea diet it is best to consult a doctor.