Diet “Green Tea”

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Diet – green tea - it’s the kind of diet, which is quite simply to observe, especially in hot weather. If you do not like monotony – this diet is for you.

Products that can be eaten, are very diverse. Excluding only flour, fat and sugary foods.

The basic rule - it’s mandatory use of green tea, about 2 liters a day. Tea can be drunk as cold or hot.

The diet should include: fruits and vegetables, dairy products, fish, lean meat. If there is sugar craving, then you can eat fruits, vegetables and honey. Every two or three days you can afford rice or buckwheat .Moreover, there is no need for protein products. Fasting, of course, not necessary, but should minimize the amount of food consumed per day

Diet green tea Diet Green TeaDiet “green tea“ for weight loss will be fast if you follow the basic rules:do not drink during the meal and half an hour after eating, if your diet includes fruits. After a meal containing protein, can not drink for three hours.

Diets based on green tea optimally adhere for a month. Also, it is important that you get used to less food per day.

Contraindicated in green tea diet for weight loss for people with diseases gastro – intestinal tract, pregnant or lactating women.