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Green Tea Diet Recipes

Green tea is very pleasant and kind of drink, has healing properties. Green tea is beneficial for both men and women, and all who works at the computer. Daily two cups of green tea and one orange juice can reliably protect from radiation coming from the screens of personal computers. According to the study of Chinese scientists, green tea leaves contain, along with other useful substances, elements, counteracting the damaging effects of radiation. As for men, they should know that green tea can protect against prostate enlargement, common symptoms in men after 50 years. Well, ultimately, the benefits of green tea to the waist, [...]


The Use of Green Tea Diet

Many of you have probably noticed that most women in Japan are very slim, and they manage to keep herself there until old age. Their secret is simple enough, throughout life, they drink green tea. Green tea diet is so effective that for those who can not tolerate green tea, have come up with special tablets (made of pressed leaves of green tea). Instead of pills, so you can eat tea leaves left on the bottom of the cup. Mechanism of green tea diet The leaves of this wonderful drink contains many biologically active enzymes that are able to partially block the work of amylase (the [...]


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